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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 17, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>mark: copper the use of knockout power to win city been complicated. >>darya: of the jacob mortgagees laws like the bigger than originally feared. >>mark: let's get a look at whether a traffic.
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>>erica: a backup on the bay bridge in the cash lane. >>craig: the shooting happened at 8:20 p.m. last night. the two people were taken to a hospital. one suffered injuries from a beating.
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hugh the
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>>darya: the use of stolen nearly 1,500 ft. of copper wire from a veterans memorial park. the parliament have any lights until the wiring to be replaced. they're now looking into extra security measures that could include installing locks on the boxes are filled with boxes with concrete. a family dog is dead after being shot is and killed by a police officer in vallejo. the family says of the 11 year-old dog was friendly and it never showed signs of being aggressive.
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the officer said he felt a safety was threatened. >>darya: in oakland mayor accused of using a ceramic pot to be in killing all one man has attack the root of a job as deputy. the sheriff's department says the deputy was trying to put the man in chains to that he could be transported to napa state hospital. that is when he punched the deputy of the chairman and now he has to undergo surgery and have his jaw wired shut. he is charged with murder in the february beating death. after he was charas he was judged not believe that this did trial. the >>mark: we're watching wall street. we had decent numbers come of fraud and floyd became more on that table of it.
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>>mark: the nation's largest bank is expected to run 4 billion in the second quarter, that is keeping analysts optimistic. >>darya: off some encouraging news on the jobs
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front. members have stayed the same. as for applications for benefits surged in april to a five month high. car carnauba near the lowest levels in four years. >>mark: its freight as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look outside. we're watching conditions erode the bay in watching the bay bridge. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian mebkeflezighi
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>>darya: for the first time in history, more minority babies are being born in u.s.. minorities increased 1.9% to 114.1 million or comedy make up nearly as of her set of the total u.s. population. that follows a higher than expected latino killed in the 2010 census. >>darya: verizon customers with unlimited data how it should enjoy her class. house crash house verizon will unveil the data share pricing model by midsummer. users can buy a chunk of data that can be used a mobile devices.
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show you are now air attack he takes a bite out of a biologist in north carolina trades was us call cost and for hall after of the alligator. on at once where did capture the alligator half. and >>mark: the estranged wife of robert f. kennedy jr. has died. officials say she was found dead at a family property in europe. no cause of death has been released. autopsy its schedule for today. mary kennedy has four
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children, the couple divorced in 2010. >>darya: a moderate earthquake in east texas early this morning, a magnitude 4.3 center near louisiana border. it was followed by a three- point 9 aftershocks several hours later. beth >>mark: james fletcher has the latest of forecast. house we have been falling
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temperatures all morning long.
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>>mark: of next three days will recover nicely. as >>erica: except the medium right to go on within next couple of minutes. in the cash lane is the backup is to the end of the lot. six the san mateo bridge is getting a little bit more heavy for your ride out towards the one a 1-92 interchange. here is a gloomy look at the golden gate.
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the drive time is 23 minutes out of nevada to the city limits. the other traffic maps, a lot of green on the runway sensors. as the red in the kit speeds below 25 mi. per hour. public transit looks like we are delayed for it. softs
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>>darya: in the last leave the average price of gas has increased by 155. >>mark: six sisters from antioch sexually abused by their father would come from the mother are now suing authorities for failing to properly investigate. in 1995, one of the victims accused of father of rates by the sisters say there were lead to view about the accusations in front of their parents.
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since 2001 amid renewed complaints in a more in- depth investigation fog. father is now serving life in prison. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of live.
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half >>darya: more is not always better. 96% of entrees exceeded the usda nutritional limits for everything.
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but do how stubhub lotus had come let >> and here we are in the wall street journal. we were on the front page of the examiner. of the we want to read it
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and get married after the race. >> they set out from the start of the race began getting worse while march spi harass this helps one
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>> we celebrate our anniversary of the day of bay to breakers. >> please join me in wishing them a happy anniversary this survey. >>mark: if you will be a breeze on sunday, here's a quick break down of the weather. s. 7:00 a.m., 54-59, mostly sunny but cold. 57-62 edge to make your way up the pace street hill. across the panhandle in through golden gate park and
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ultimately, you'll finish right there at ocean beach for the finish line. 61-67. temperatures will increase about 10 degrees. all in all it will be a great day to be out there. >>darya: it is this sunday. this cut this
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>>mark: opening bell on wall street. that is sir sean connery. with to
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>>darya: but a dog was shot dead killed by a vallejo police officer. >>justine: but here are pictures of a wildfire in arizona. look at this book a birdie. this is the groove. of sarasota, but not too far away from the decks. fat the fire has consumed over 5,000 a.. fire officials are concerned right now that as the wind starts movie, the fire will start heading towards the community of sober holds it there are people there who have not left yet. costs bart have a we're
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watching bay area weather. hist >>james: but not a lot going on across the country. the all the bits we seek are we to the north. cooler temperatures. >>darya: >>erica: 880 is your best bet. as we do it could commute check cover the delays because of.
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>>darya: let's go to craig skalar for more news faster. >>craig: this be in a couple of blocks of of of of of the south side of san jose, if the police said one person was believed it had to be taken to the hospital. call in the area has been closed off. in la detectives and police officers scoured the area. ash police said the 80 year-
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old died at a hospital from his wounds. they are not saying whether or not this is a gain related. the murder weapon is not in their possession at this waits career
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>>mark: while serving a probation search at this hall, a man was found dead in the garage. the new information of possible suspects have been released. if >>darya: + 6 francisco city officials say they have evolved into a new 50 love for our speeds those are around nearly two republican private areas. yoli eceves is in san francisco to talk about this.
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ahead >>yoli: i have noticed that the signs are bigger in the brighter. you see them a lot sooner did he see the schools. hopefully that is enough. it is always a work in process. >>justine: it has been brought to our attention that the facebook ipo price range is now final. facebook cannot price higher than $40. this is according to cnbc.
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the ipo is said to the public tomorrow. well shops have fish
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>>mark: later today erie union authorized the strike. the first in the company's 77 year history. >>darya: students stormed to the university of california
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board meeting to protest tuition hikes. students barge did it as the concede they're all wearing orange. there are considering raising fees by 6%. >>darya: of the year as a look at the approach to the bay bridge. he could see the way eddie concede the clouds. will be right back.
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>>james: here is an update on the weather for today. it is cloudy and foggy, especially along the coast. not only is a classic, it is good to be cool in to windy this afternoon. widespread low clouds even at 9:00 a.m.. areas of drizzle are a definite possibility. gary's were temperatures are going to go in the long
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term. >> we will be broadcasting bay to breakers on sunday morning. if your interest and not forget, we have a highlight show at 7:00 p.m.. tune in in the see if you're caught on one of our many cameras along the race route. >>erica: we do have a potential hot spot on highway 4. this came as as several different reports. it looks like an accident involving a vehicle and a motorcycle.
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the motorcycle has been pulled over to the center divider. traffic conditions are pretty slow up the incline get across the upper deck. of the san mateo bridge, built problems to alert you to.
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short of their are no problems to report for interstate 280. a lot of green on the road with sensors coming of marin county. >>justine: we are tracking delays at sfo this autumn because of fog. >>pam: really, it is local west coast traffic up and down the coast. >>justine: this is because of the fog in the area? this is for writing flights. normally departing flights get delayed as well. >> that is correct. it depends on the ground time you have.
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>>justine: do you have any advice for travelers? >> contactor carrier to get the latest flight information. >>justine: we will be tracking the airport delays right here of the kron4 news. >>darya: there are to sit francisco giants started a public service adults about video games. chest there are featured in a television ad aired in radio commercials talking about the content ratings for video games to help parents figure out which ones are ok for their kids to play. fish >> did you check their reading? >> a rating? >> yes. it's simple. check trading symbol of the frontier ricotta description of the back. you need more information, look up the ratings have risen from your phone.
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and >>darya: the new york giants received what many 49ers fans think they should a garden. at the super bowl rings. peyton manning and his teammates went to dipodies. the rings featured by bids, sapphire's the head for vince lombardi trophies. >>mark: a morbidly obese is and who ask for help from dr. phil will be featured on television.
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>>darya: we will be right back after the break.
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>>mark: kron4 is the best places to watch the bay to breakers race. a pair of twin sisters have been stopping the fun part. reggie kumar introduces us to these creative reasons. >> we are keep running. >> mary myers and her twin sisters have been singing yet walking in the bay to breakers race for more than two decades. they are so passionate, but they saved every running bed
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and t-shirt. >> every t-shirt from 1984- current. >> the twins made of a 100 and perverse result for the 2011 competition. >> in 1983, i started writing it i thought, but this is fun, i will do bay to breakers. what i saw the cost of i thought, this rocks. my sister did it would be the next year. >> ever since, the sisters have been created elaborate costumes for the was of oz discussed bob's court appearance. there are so good company what the bay to breakers best costume award seven times. airbus but bob rocks but harder that helped to read it. -- harder that help to ride it. he is very hot in the awkward. the back of the costa was publicized in 2000 by the busy kids costed it to douse
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the but breed steers to their eyes. babbitt is a sad. there is a place like home. we had pictures of baby missing children. fish stew different foundations were jitters of up to said that's pictures. >> the status quickly turned into laughter while strolling down by every lady of the about the bird died costumes. >> but people were tried declined to holes of the bride is the throw beer bottles through the air the body slammed against it. the bill would realize that grandmothers were in there, but there was. >> of the cost of the this year's race is top secret. -- the cost do not for this year's race is top secret. >>mark: we are a few days away from the zazzle bay to breakers race this sunday. watch the action from the comfort of your total right
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here on kron4. coverage for a day of destiny of a highlight show at 7:00 p.m..
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